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July 31st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यावत्स्वस्थो ह्ययं देहः यावन्मृत्युश्च दूरतः ।
तावदात्महितं कुर्यात् प्राणान्ते किं करिष्यति ॥
- चाणक्य नीति

yāvatsvastho hyayaṃ dehaḥ yāvanmṛtyuśca dūrataḥ ।
tāvadātmahitaṃ kuryāt prāṇānte kiṃ kariṣyati ॥
- cāṇakya nīti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
As long as the body is healthy, as long as death is far away (when younger), perform deeds beneficial for the soul. What can (one) do at the end of life (when death is near)?

When in good health and form, most of the time and energy is spent on accruing more wealth, properties, possessions, etc. All the younger years of life is engaged in 'enjoying life'. But in reality, the indulgences while 'enjoying life', only harm the progress of the soul. The poet says, when hale and healthy, perform deeds beneficial to the soul. No one knows when he would draw his last breath. But then, it is a known factor that most people live through their youth, grow old and eventually face death. When still young, when death is presumed to be far away, that is the time to work on performing good deeds. What can one do from his deathbed, when old and frail, barely able to take care of himself!

The general misnomer amongst the youth is that virtuous actions and noble deeds can be saved for a later date! But the truth is, one has to rush to start being aware of his actions and benefiting his soul as early as he can. When one lifetime is just not enough to contemplate on everything, how can one think that he can while away more than half his precious time and still be able to accomplish everything in just a few years later! Another issue would also be all the unwanted vasanas he has accumulated in this birth as well. Unlearning and relearning again at a much later stage of life, will make it harder than ever to think about uplifting the soul!

Now is the time! Procrastination is not even a choice when the subject is the soul. One has to contemplate every single day if his actions were pro-active towards the soul or degenerative! Only then can he move in the direction of progress.

pada vigrahaH:
यावत् स्वस्थः हि अयं देहः यावत् मृत्युः च दूरतः ।
yāvat svasthaḥ hi ayaṃ dehaḥ yāvat mṛtyuḥ ca dūrataḥ ।

तावत् आत्म-हितं कुर्यात् प्राण-अन्ते किं करिष्यति ॥
tāvat ātma-hitaṃ kuryāt prāṇa-ante kiṃ kariṣyati ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
yaavatsvastho hyayaM dehaH yaavanmRutyushcha dUrataH ।
taavadaatmahitaM kuryaat praaNaante kiM kariShyati ॥
- chaaNakya nIti

yaavat svasthaH hi ayaM dehaH yaavat mRutyuH cha dUrataH ।
taavat aatma-hitaM kuryaat praaNa-ante kiM kariShyati ॥

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