July 1st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
येषां बाहुबलं नास्ति येषां नास्ति मनोबलम्
तेषां चन्द्रबलं देव किं कुर्यादम्बरस्थितम्
- यशस्तिलक

yeShaaM baahubalaM naasti yeShaaM naasti manobalam
teShaaM chandrabalaM deva kiM kuryaadambarasthitam
- yashastilaka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Oh king, what can the moon in the sky do for him, who doesn't have strength in his arms and will in his mind?

If things aren't working in one's favor, he finds many a reasons to blame for his failure. One of the easiest and lamest reasons is - the stars are not in my favor! But then, for the success of any task, the more important factors are one's mental ability and his physical strength. If one has more trust on his own abilities, he is bound to achieve better. For one who doesn't have confidence in his own prowess, nor has a strong will or shoulders, how can the stars and moon sitting in the sky influence the outcome? How can one's star power, moon power or horoscope help in his achievements? Hard work, faith and one's will are what drives one towards success.

Only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work! Efforts never fail.
(If they still fail, leave it up to the Lord.  He knows the ulterior motive behind everything.  We may not understand the outcome, but it certainly is what was supposed to be.)

pada vigrahaH:
येषां बाहु-बलं न अस्ति येषां न अस्ति मनो-बलम्
yeShaaM baahu-balaM na asti yeShaaM na asti mano-balam

तेषां चन्द्र-बलं देव किं कुर्यात् अम्बर-स्थितम्
teShaaM chandra-balaM deva kiM kuryaat ambara-sthitam

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