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July 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वित्तेन रक्ष्यते धर्मः विद्या योगेन रक्ष्यते ।
मृदुना रक्ष्यते भूपः सत्स्त्रिया रक्ष्यते गृहम् ॥

- चाणक्य नीति

vittena rakShyate dharmaH vidyaa yogena rakShyate ।
mRudunaa rakShyate bhUpaH satstriyaa rakShyate gRuham ॥
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Virtue is protected by wealth; knowledge is guarded by practice; gentleness protects a king; a home is secured by an excellent lady.

Everyone and everything has a guarding factor! Wealth should be put to use for the protection of virtue. For example, giving is a virtue. But to give, one needs to have! The act of giving is hence executed with the aid of wealth.

It is not enough to earn and accumulate knowledge. Only when one put is to use and practices it on a daily basis, does his vidyaa get guarded. Else, his knowledge shall rust and lose the edge.

Gentleness protects a king! This one might sound a little strange. But it is yet true - gentleness here, is, towards his subjects. If he handles them gently, they are bound to obey him and come to respect him as well. He will make fewer enemies that way and can long rule his kingdom. Hence, a gentle demeanor protects the king.

The most important of all is the basic unit of the society - a home! A home is what the lady makes it. She is the role model for the entire family, who takes care of the needs of everyone in the household. She instils values in them, disciplines the children, manages the health of all, keeps everyone on track, makes sure everyone's needs are met, every single day!

A well-versed intelligent lady knows what values to teach the children. A well-rounded lady knows what kinds of foods to offer to her family. A well-grounded lady knows what are the priorities of the household and how to keep a level head as well. All these attributes certify her excellence! And such an excellent lady secures the home and gives everyone a safe haven. She brings out the best in everyone and everyone is confident in being what they are.

A woman can make or break the house.  'गृहिणी गृहमुच्यते' (gRuhiNI gRuhamuchyate) should be understood as गृहम् उच्यते (gRuham uchyate - upholds the house) not  गृहं मुच्यते (gRuhaM muchyate - lets go of the household).

It is all in her hands!

pada vigrahaH:
वित्तेन रक्ष्यते धर्मः विद्या योगेन रक्ष्यते ।
vittena rakShyate dharmaH vidyaa yogena rakShyate ।

मृदुना रक्ष्यते भूपः सत्-स्त्रिया रक्ष्यते गृहम् ॥
mRudunaa rakShyate bhUpaH sat-striyaa rakShyate gRuham ॥

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