January 1st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आदानस्य प्रदानस्य कर्तव्यस्य च कर्मणः ।
क्षिप्रमक्रियमाणस्य कालः पिबति तद्रसम् ॥

aadaanasya pradaanasya kartavyasya cha karmaNaH |
kShipramakriyamaaNasya kaalaH pibati tadrasam ||

Meaning of the subhAShita:
In executing (deeds like) receiving, giving and responsibilities; if not executed instantaneously, time shall ingest the essence/sweetness (of the deed).

It's all in the timing!  Every deed has its own worth, based on the timing.  What is appropriate today, doesn't necessarily hold good tomorrow - especially in deeds like giving, receiving or discharging one's duties.

The poet says, when the need for these deeds arise, if not done instantly, their essence will dissipate with lapse of time.  It is said a little help at the right time is better than a lot of help at the wrong time!  The primordial importance is not given to the amount of aid, but the time of aid.

Time is of essence in performing our duties as well. When a child has upcoming exams, obviously he studies before and not after!

The scenarios of giving and doing duties seem obvious.  But how about the aspect of receiving!  Why is timing of any importance?  Receiving honestly and humbly is the best thanks for a good action.  When one is at the receiving end of someone's good deed, he shows his gratitude by receiving at the right time.  Education is what most receive - it needs to be garnered with the right spirit at the right time, or he may lose crucial life lessons that come his way!

Time is a river and no one can touch the same water twice.  May all of us be blessed not to procrastinate these deeds or dilute their sweetness.  May we all enjoy the bliss of these endeavors to the fullest extent now and always!

pada vigrahaH:
आदानस्य प्रदानस्य कर्तव्यस्य च कर्मणः ।
aadaanasya pradaanasya kartavyasya cha karmaNaH |

क्षिप्रम् अक्रियमाणस्य कालः पिबति तत् रसम् ॥
kShipram akriyamaaNasya kaalaH pibati tat rasam ||