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June 17th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
कन्यादाताऽन्नदाता च ज्ञानदाताऽभयप्रदः ।
जन्मदो मन्त्रदो ज्येष्ठभ्राता च पितरः स्मृतः ॥

kanyaadaataa.nnadaataa cha j~naanadaataa.bhayapradaH |
janmado mantrado jyeShThabhraataa cha pitaraH smRutaH ||

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The one who gives his daughter in marriage; one who provides food; one who bestows knowledge; one who guards against fear; one who gives birth; one who confers counsel; one (brother) who is born ahead of you - all these (luminaries) are deemed as fathers.

It is said that - there is no other need in childhood as strong as the need for protection from a father! Father is the revered for his many contributions along the many facets of life, starting with giving life, care and nurture.  He propitiates the child into new beginnings time and again. He is the one who invigorates the young ones to explore life and helps formulate their future.  The greatest gift any father can give his child is - believing in him!  He instils that trust in the child.

The poet says, one comes across many such fatherly figures during his lifetime. They are
  • the one who gives his daughter's hand in marriage. The father-in-law trusts and bequeaths his daughter.  She bears progeny for the husband, making him a father.  Veneration for that.
  • the one who provides food and tends to one's hunger is a fatherly gesture for sure. Respects to him
  • the one who bestows knowledge gives birth to a new perspective in the intellect of the person.  He contributes to his growth and therefore exalted.
  • the one who guards against fear, reassures the faith that all will be well! Admiration to him.
  • the one who gives birth is certainly revered, for, if not for him, one wouldn't be here speaking about who to revere!! The care and nurture given by him are irreplaceable. Love and respect to him.
  • the one who confers counsel is guiding in the right direction, like a father. Honor to him.
  • the one who is born ahead of us, an elder brother, is nothing less than a father as he steps up to be a father figure, as well as the go-between! If one is afraid to approach the father, it is easier to approach the elder brother :). Cherish him.
A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow! These magnanimous personalities shape a person from childhood on, at every turn of life.  

Fathers are exalted today and always, for their roles and contributions in our lives!  Obeisance to them.

pada vigrahaH:
कन्यादाता अन्नदाता च ज्ञानदाता आभयप्रदः ।
kanyaadaataa annadaataa cha j~naanadaataa aabhayapradaH |

जन्मदः मन्त्रदः ज्येष्ठ-भ्राता च पितरः स्मृतः ॥
janmadaH mantradaH jyeShTha-bhraataa cha pitaraH smRutaH ||