February 25th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
स्वर्गो धनं वा धान्यं वा विद्या पुत्रास्सुखानि च ।
गुरुवॄत्त्यनुरोधेन न किञ्चिदपि दुर्लभम् ॥

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

svargo dhanaM vaa dhaanyaM vaa vidyaa putraassukhaani cha |
guruvRUttyanurodhena na ki~nchidapi durlabham ||
- subhaaShitasudhaanidhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Heaven, wealth, grain (food), knowledge, children and pleasures too - none of these are unattainable for one who reveres his teacher.

Without a teacher, a guru, the world would be nowhere today!  Even the minutest knowledge like hunting for food, lighting fire for heat, were transcended from generation to generation through teaching alone!  Or, each generation of the population would be stuck in the cold dark era, time and again!!  
A teacher obviously is not just the one titled 'teacher' at a school.  A being learns from all kinds our sources around him.  His parents, siblings, grand parents, friends, peers, even strangers sometimes.  Hence all these sources command reverence from him!

One who values and respects the knowledge he has gained and the sources he has gained them from, then there is no stopping to his prosperity and progress, for all their good wishes and blessings shall be with him and assist him to easily fulfill his desires.

Remember thy teachers!

pada vigrahaH:
स्वर्गः धनं वा धान्यं वा विद्या पुत्राः सुखानि च ।
svargaH dhanaM vaa dhaanyaM vaa vidyaa putraaH sukhaani cha |

गुरु-वॄत्ति अनुरोधेन न किञ्चित् अपि दुर्लभम् ॥ guru-vRUtti anurodhena na ki~nchit api durlabham ||

February 18th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अयं निजः परो वेति गणना लघुचेतसाम् ।
उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ॥

- हितोपदेश, सन्धि

ayaM nijaH paro veti gaNanaa laghuchetasaam |
udaaracharitaanaaM tu vasudhaiva kuTumbakam ||
- hitopadesha, sandhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
This is mine or that is his - thus is accounted by the petty-minded.  But for ones with an exalted life, the whole world itself is a family! 

When one considers something as part of his family, he does everything in his power, to make sure that it is safe, protected and loved.  But when one has a demarcation, a boundary, of 'this is mine - that is his', that unconditional love disappears!  When a person identifies himself with anyone or anything, his approach towards that aspect becomes gentle and loving.  He will be willing to forget and forgive any misgivings also along the way.  Why?  Because, he has a soft spot for it in his heart! He fights for it with all his might, justifying, it is not a crime to fight for what is mine!  If he has embraced the whole world as his, naturally, he works towards the betterment of each and everyone in it!  He identifies himself with it in a broader spectrum.

On the contrary, petty minded people mark their boundaries and live in their capsules, without stretching their visions.  They are doing the same exact things alright.  They love, protect and safeguard their own small little units of what they call family.  Their lives, minds and visions remain petty and keep them from growing magnanimous in both attitude and approach. 

People would live their lives exceedingly quietly if the words 'mine and thine' were taken away from the equation, isn't it!!  No pomp, no show.  Only genuine thoughts of the welfare of all! Why not try for more quieter, peaceful, satisfactory and happier lives for everyone around us!

pada vigrahaH:
अयं निजः परः वा इति गणना लघु-चेतसाम् ।
ayaM nijaH paraH vaa iti gaNanaa laghu-chetasaam |

उदार-चरितानां तु वसुधा एव कुटुम्बकम् ॥
udaara-charitaanaaM tu vasudhaa eva kuTumbakam ||

February 12th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सन्तुष्टो भार्यया भर्ता भर्त्रा भार्या तथैव च ।
यस्मिन्नेव कुले नित्यं कल्याणं तत्र वै ध्रुवम् ॥

- मनुस्मृति

santuShTo bhaaryayaa bhartaa bhartraa bhaaryaa tathaiva cha |
yasminneva kule nityaM kalyaaNaM tatra vai dhruvam ||
- manusmRuti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Only in a family in which, the wife is jubilant with her husband and so also the husband is exultant with his wife, there (resides) prosperity - (this), is incontrovertible!

True prosperity is not as much in abundance of wealth, as in abundance of happiness and peaceful existence.  When the ambiance is conducive for calmness of the mind, each member of the family shall have the mindset to reach their fullest potential!  If their energies are contained and contaminated in mundane in-differences, then there is neither time nor stamina to pursue their passions, nor is the rest of the family inspired to pursue in their arenas either.

How is such an ambiance established?  Who are instrumental in these circumstances being entrenched into the day to day lives of all those involved in the family?  It is the two main wheels of the vehicle, the husband and wife.  If they are at peace with each other, if they revel in the company of the other, if they are jubilant in the camaraderie of the other, the entire household runs smoothly!  That doesn't mean that there are no petty tiffs and tantrums along the way.  But they have figured out a way to rejoice each other, despite those hurdles!  Infact, it is those minor tussles that make the landscape beautiful :).

The poet says, in such a household, there is never a controversy that there is peace and prosperity, laughter and love, joy and jubilation!  May that be showered abundantly and bestowed generously on all!!

pada vigrahaH:
सन्तुष्टो भार्यया भर्ता भर्त्रा भार्या तथ एव च ।
santuShTo bhaaryayaa bhartaa bhartraa bhaaryaa tatha eva cha |

यस्मिन् एव कुले नित्यं कल्याणं तत्र वै ध्रुवम् ॥
yasmin eva kule nityaM kalyaaNaM tatra vai dhruvam ||

February 11th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यद्वाञ्छति दिवा मर्त्यो वीक्षते वा करोति वा ।
तत्स्वप्नेऽपि तदभ्यासाद्ब्रूते वाथ करोति वा ॥

- पञ्चतन्त्र, मित्रभेद

yadvaa~nChati divaa martyo vIkShate vaa karoti vaa |
tatsvapne.pi tadabhyaasaadbrUte vaatha karoti vaa ||
- pa~nchatantra, mitrabheda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
That which is desired, viewed or done by a mortal during day, (he) speaks or does the same, due to practice, even in dreams.

Habituation is what it is!  If one is constantly entertaining a certain kind of thoughts or actions, they are sure to manifest more intensely at a subconscious level.  A psychiatrist opines that dreams are either very strong desires or very strong fears.  When one goes to sleep, whatever had very strongly influenced him when awake, is sure to kick into high gear.  Many inventors have awoken from sleep, with an answer to their quest.  That is because of their constant thinking in that direction.  In sleep, somehow the pieces of the puzzle they had been juggling got put into place!

Whether they are good thoughts or bad, the mind does not discriminate.  It just gives shape and form to those dormant thoughts in the dream world. 

Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you unseen heights!  Make sure you dream big! To dream big, make sure you see, think as well as do BIG during your waking hours! Then you can readily go ahead and make your dreams come true :).

pada vigrahaH:
यत् वाञ्छति दिवा मर्त्यो वीक्षते वा करोति वा ।
yat vaa~nChati divaa martyo vIkShate vaa karoti vaa |

तत् स्वप्ने अपि तत् अभ्यासात् ब्रूते वा अथ करोति वा ॥
tat svapne api tat abhyaasaat brUte vaa atha karoti vaa ||

February 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यदीच्छसि वशीकर्तुं जगदेकेन कर्मणा ।
परापवादसस्येभ्यो गां चरन्तीं निवारय ॥

- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

yadIchChasi vashIkartuM jagadekena karmaNaa |
paraapavaadasasyebhyo gaaM charantIM nivaaraya ||
- subhaaShitaratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
If desirous of captivating the world with just one action, avert the cow grazing on the pastures of berating others.

What if there is one magic trick, that doesn't cost any money nor big talent, but yields the results just the same!!  What if it promises one that it will lead one towards a successful life, filled with acceptance, admiration and acclaim!  It doesn't need one to acquire degrees from prestigious colleges nor win accolades from reputed universities! Doesn't it sound enticing?  Wouldn't everyone flock to acquire it?! 

There really is one such mantra!  If there is only one thing that a person has to acquire to be adored by one and all around him, all he needs to do is, ward himself from the tongue enticing habit of castigating others!  When gossip, criticism and chiding others come as easy as breathing, one can not expect to be a front-runner in the good books of others.

In this verse, the poet wonderfully compares this habit to the grazing of a cow.  To a cow, grazing is a natural instinct and hence it does not think twice before it heads out to the pastures.  So the poet says, ward off that cow who mindlessly grazes on the pastures of berating others!  Then life shall become a bed of roses very easily.  Passing the buck around is the easiest task.  When one takes responsibility for his actions, the way he sees himself shall change.

Blame is just a lazy man's way of making sense of the chaos around him.  Someone once said, a man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.  Let each one be a success story of his own.  One doesn't have to pull the rest down to be on top of the world.  He can feel on top of the world only by being in harmony with the world around him.  Or he will be a lonely man stuck only with himself!

pada vigrahaH:
यदि इच्छसि वशीकर्तुं जगत् एकेन कर्मणा ।
yadi ichChasi vashIkartuM jagat ekena karmaNaa |

पर-अपवाद-सस्येभ्यः गां चरन्तीं निवारय ॥
para-apavaada-sasyebhyaH gaaM charantIM nivaaraya ||