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February 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यदीच्छसि वशीकर्तुं जगदेकेन कर्मणा ।
परापवादसस्येभ्यः गां चरन्तीं निवारय ॥

- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

yadIchChasi vashIkartuM jagadekena karmaNaa |
paraapavaadasasyebhyaH gaaM charantIM nivaaraya ||
- subhaaShitaratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
If desirous of captivating the world with just one action, avert the cow grazing on the pastures of berating others.

What if there is one magic trick, that doesn't cost any money nor big talent yet yields the results just the same!!  What if it promises one that it will lead one towards a successful life, filled with acceptance, admiration and acclaim!  It doesn't need one to acquire degrees from prestigious colleges nor win accolades from reputed universities! Doesn't it sound enticing?  Wouldn't everyone flock to acquire it?!

There really is one such mantra!  If there is only one thing that a person has to acquire to be adored by one and all around him, all he needs to do is, ward himself from the tongue enticing habit of castigating others!  When gossip, criticism and chiding others come as easy as breathing, one can not expect to be a front-runner in the good books of others.

In this verse, the poet wonderfully compares this habit to the grazing of a cow.  To a cow, grazing is a natural instinct and hence it does not think twice before it heads out to the pastures.  So the poet says, ward off that cow who mindlessly grazes on the pastures of berating others!  Then life shall become a bed of roses very easily.  Passing the buck around is the easiest task.  When one takes responsibility for his actions, the way he sees himself shall change.

Blame is just a lazy man's way of making sense of the chaos around him.  Someone once said, a man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.  Let each one be a success story of his own.  One doesn't have to pull the rest down to be on top of the world.  He can feel on top of the world only by being in harmony with the world around him.  Or he will be a lonely man stuck with only himself!

pada vigrahaH:
यदि इच्छसि वशीकर्तुं जगत् एकेन कर्मणा ।
yadi ichChasi vashIkartuM jagat ekena karmaNaa |

पर-अपवाद-सस्येभ्यः गां चरन्तीं निवारय ॥
para-apavaada-sasyebhyaH gaaM charantIM nivaaraya ||


  1. परापवादसस्येभ्य इत्यस्य "पर अपवाद सस्येभ्य" इति प्रदर्शनमयुक्तम् । पदच्छेदस्यैव दर्शनीयत्वात् । परआदीनामपदत्वात् । नापदं प्रयुञ्जीतेति निषेधाच्च ।

  2. ललितालालितः, सूचनार्थे धन्यवादः। पदविग्रहेषु समस विग्रहवाक्यान् कदापि न प्रदर्शितवती। अतः अद्य मया ’-’ स्थापितम्। एतत् समीचीनमिति मन्ये।

  3. पदानि यथावत्स्थापयित्वा विग्रहसन्ध्यादिप्रदर्शनमपरत्रैव ममाभिमतम् ।

  4. The cow grazing "character " is the hallmark of weak and inefficient ones who neither compete with themselves nor with others .If one learns to evolve within and live in harmony with the world without treading on lives of other people life will be easier for such . All this happens because
    of the fear of competition in all walks of life .

  5. @ललितालालितः, परिचिन्तयामि।

  6. @Venugopal-ji, That is very true! When unhealthy competitive attitude creeps in, it makes life one hell. If only one understands that he doesn't have to pull the rest down to be on top of the world! He can feel on top of the world only by being in harmony with the world around him. Or he will be a lonely man stuck only with himself.

  7. So very nice informative....Very Nice.
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  8. Thanks Indranil for your appreciation. Your blog looks nice too. Will check back regularly. Best of luck.

  9. Can you please elabore this sloka in your same beautiful lucid manner!

    Khadan na Gachhami, hasan na rajan,
    gatam na sochami, krutam na manye
    Dwabhyam trutiyo na bhavami rajan,
    kim karanam bhoja bhavami murkha ha ?

  10. Nice verse there! Will put it up one of the following weeks. Thanks :).