July 14th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सन्तोषस्त्रिषु कर्तव्यः कलत्रे भोजने धने
त्रिषु चैव न कर्तव्यो अध्ययने जपदानयोः
- समयोचितपद्यरत्नमालिका

santoShastriShu kartavyaH kalatre bhojane dhane
triShu chaiva na kartavyo adhyayane japadaanayoH
- samayochitapadyaratnamaalikaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
There should have satisfaction in 3 (aspects) - wife, food, money. There should be no satisfaction in 3 (others) - learning, meditating, giving.

Same rule isn't applicable for all issues! Satisfaction is a strange thing. Having it in some aspects gives peace but having it in some others, hinders progress.

One should be happy and contented about his spouse, the food he gets to eat and the wealth he possesses. Dissatisfaction in these, leads to unrest and constant agitation towards acquiring something more or someone better! Moreover, these are not the factors that lead one towards the purpose of life. So, better be happy with what there is and work on the true quest of life.

But complacency and contentment should have no place when it comes to learning, meditating or giving. One can never say that, now he has learnt everything and is very satisfied with his knowledge base. Knowing everything good that there is to know can not happen until one is a jIvanmukta puruSha (a liberated soul)! So, never be satisfied with learning.

'I've put in this many hours, I'm done for the week' - language works only at the office. There is no end for meditation. Prayer is talking to God, but meditation is listening to Him! Meditation is not just chanting the name of the Lord with closed eyes. Having Him in the thoughts every step of the way, through every action, every minute, is constant meditation at work. There is no upper cap on how much meditation one has to do. Keep His thoughts going!

Giving, is the most selfless action, that reiterates to one that material possessions are temporary. To give, one has to be selfless and unattached. Both are beneficial for raising the soul to a platform closer to Him. Give heartily. There are people always who could use the help.

Be satisfied with thy fortune, but dissatisfied with thy intellect!

pada vigrahaH:
सन्तोषः त्रिषु कर्तव्यः कलत्रे भोजने धने
santoShaH triShu kartavyaH kalatre bhojane dhane

त्रिषु चैव न कर्तव्यः अध्ययने जप-दानयोः
triShu chaiva na kartavyaH adhyayane japa-daanayoH

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