July 11th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पठकाः पाठकाश्चैव ये चान्ये शास्त्रचिन्तकाः
सर्वे व्यसनिनो मूर्खाः यः क्रियावान् स पण्डितः
- महाभारत, वनपर्व

paThakaaH paaThakaashchaiva ye chaanye shaastrachintakaaH
sarve vyasanino mUrkhaaH yaH kriyaavaan sa paNDitaH
- mahaabhaarata, vanaparva

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A reader, a preceptor or a thinker of the scriptures - all of them are imbecile addicts. Only he who is industrious is the learned!

Application of knowledge is most important! The poet opines that all those who read, teach or contemplate on scriptures, are all just addicted to the teachings, but not essentially grasping the contents there. He is the true learned who is industrious and puts the knowledge to use! Applying the values in day to day activities is what practicing is.

Just chanting verses, even parrots can do. The true difference is when one brings about a change to the world, by putting it to work.

True knowledge makes a life, not just a living!

pada vigrahaH:
पठकाः पाठकाः च एव ये च अन्ये शास्त्र-चिन्तकाः
paThakaaH paaThakaaH cha eva ye cha anye shaastra-chintakaaH

सर्वे व्यसनिनः मूर्खाः यः क्रियावान् सः पण्डितः
sarve vyasaninaH mUrkhaaH yaH kriyaavaan saH paNDitaH

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  1. Nicely put essence :
    True knowledge makes a life, not just a living

    I tried the Sanskrit dictionary link for the first time today. Its valuable. Thanks.