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July 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मुक्तिमिच्छसि चेत्तात विषयान् विषवत्त्यजेः ।
क्षमाऽऽर्जवदयाशौचं सत्यं पीयूषवत् पिबेः ॥

- अष्टावक्रगीता

muktimichChasi chettaata viShayaan viShavattyajeH ।
kShamaa..rjavadayaashauchaM satyaM pIyUShavat pibeH ॥
- aShTaavakragItaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Oh son, if you desire for freedom, shun 'objects of sense' as if poison. Drink forgiveness, honesty, compassion, cleanliness and truth, as if divine nectar.

Pleasing the palate, indulging in material pleasures, possessions, etc, only make one more miserable. They are vicious circles that keep one tangled up in wanting more and more. If one eats his favorite food, he won't be satiated with that one time. If he has a weakness for it, he would want to keep going for it more and more. If one is after acquiring more of any possessions, be it jewellery, land, money, wealth, he will not have an upper cap of any kind. Any amount will not please him and he will keep slogging to attain more. At no point will such a person say 'no' to more wealth than he already is spilling over with. The biggest downside of this disposition - it helps one in no way to attain the liberation he is supposed to be working towards. The poet hence says shun material pleasures that appease only the senses, as if they were poison. Because they truly are poison towards one's spiritual growth.

Whereas, forgiveness, honesty, compassion, cleanliness and truth, clear up one's mind and prepare him for aiming for a higher goal. Forgiveness and compassion teach him selflessness and to feel for his fellow beings. That is one step closer to God. Truth and honesty are essentially what one's quests are in life. And then, cleanliness is godliness. Each of these takes one closer to the divine in their own unique way. The poet urges those in the quest of liberation to drink up these traits as if they were the divine nectar themselves. None would say 'no' to divine nectar. Then why not inculcate these attitudes with the same rigor when their benefits may even surpass the goodness of nectar?

Freeing oneself from all tangles is itself liberation. Do not waste efforts in tangling yourself more!

pada vigrahaH:
मुक्तिम् इच्छसि चेत् तात विषयान् विषवत् त्यजेः ।
muktim ichChasi chet taata viShayaan viShavat tyajeH ।

क्षमा-आर्जव-दया-शौचं सत्यं पीयूषवत् पिबेः ॥
kShamaa-aarjava-dayaa-shauchaM satyaM pIyUShavat pibeH ॥

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