July 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सकृत्कन्दुकपातेन पतत्यार्यः पतन्नपि
तथा पतति मूर्खस्तु मृत्‍पिण्डपतनं यथा
- पञ्चतन्त्र

sakRutkandukapaatena patatyaaryaH patannapi
tathaa patati mUrkhastu mRutpiNDapatanaM yathaa
- pa~nchatantra

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Oh gentleman, the meritorious, even if they fall, fall like a ball. Whereas, an imbecile falls just like a lump of clay!

No journey is always looking up! There are ups and downs in any path. There are pit falls and high fly zones. As for falls, the difference between the meritorious and the imbecile is as evident as the fall of a ball and the fall of a lump of clay. The meritorious bounce back and reach higher heights, like a ball, even if they occasionally fall. The imbecile fall and collapse to the ground like a lump of clay! There is no bounce in a lump of clay. It is heavy and shatters on the very first fall. It isn't in it to take it as a learning experience and try harder the next time. Whereas, a ball, stays in perfect shape. Infact, it coverts the energy from the fall, to bounce higher! The exemplary are just the same. The fall doesn't perturb them from their task but gives them more resolve to achieve it faster!

Be determined! Do not let the roadblocks perturb your resolve.

pada vigrahaH:
सकृत् कन्दुक-पातेन पतति आर्यः पतन्न् अपि
sakRut kanduka-paatena patati aaryaH patann api

तथा पतति मूर्खः तु मृत्‍पिण्ड-पतनं यथा
tathaa patati mUrkhaH tu mRutpiNDa-patanaM yathaa

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