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July 16th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आत्मनो मुखदोषेण बध्यन्ते शुकसारिकाः ।
बकास्तत्र न बध्यन्ते मौनं सर्वार्थसाधनम् ॥

- सुभाषितरत्नसमुच्चय

aatmano mukhadoSheNa badhyante shukasaarikaaH ।
bakaastatra na badhyante maunaM sarvaarthasaadhanam ॥
- subhaaShitaratnasamuchchaya

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Parrots and other talking birds get captured due to their own folly. (But) Storks are not captured. Silence is instrumental in attaining all purposes!

Speech is silver, silence is gold!

Parrots and other talking birds, due to their chattering, attract unwanted attention on to themselves. Hunters aspiring to cage a talking bird, spread nets to capture them. But the 'dumb' storks :), keep their silence and don't entice the hunters as much. Ever heard of a stork being captured to adorn a cage. It is as if, his silence saved him from trouble!

It is very true for humans as well. Time and again, it is felt by all, 'why ever did I open my mouth!', after letting words slip through his lips! Before speaking, is the time to remind oneself 'Silence is instrumental in attaining all purposes!' For, sped arrows and spoken words can never be taken back.

Use thy words judiciously. Also, know when it is best not to use it at all!

pada vigrahaH:
आत्मनः मुख-दोषेण बध्यन्ते शुक-सारिकाः ।
aatmanaH mukha-doSheNa badhyante shuka-saarikaaH ।

बकाः तत्र न बध्यन्ते मौनं सर्व-अर्थ-साधनम् ॥
bakaaH tatra na badhyante maunaM sarva-artha-saadhanam ॥

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