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July 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
भवत्येकस्थले जन्म गन्धस्तेषां पृथक् पृथक् ।
उत्पलस्य मृणालस्य मत्स्यस्य कुमुदस्य च ॥

- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

bhavatyekasthale janma gandhasteShaaM pRuthak pRuthak ।
utpalasya mRuNaalasya matsyasya kumudasya cha ॥
- subhaaShitaratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Born in the same place, they (each) smell differently. (Just as) water lily, lotus root, fish and night lotus!

A water lily, a night lotus, the lotus root and a fish are all born in water. Yet, they do not smell the same. Their traits and temperaments vary widely too. They do not look the same, smell the same nor feel the same. Daylilies and lotuses bloom during the day, whereas, night lilies and night lotuses bloom at night. The roots remain under water when the flowers flower above. The fish are mobile and consume food as well. The fish have a completely different smell in comparison to the fragrance of the flowers born in the same pond! Hence, the lone similarity being the place of birth, each of them has a bigger set of attributes unique to them alone!

Likewise, children from the same parents or students of the same teacher cannot be expected to be similar. Perceptions differ based on prior vaasanaas and experiences, which are beyond human comprehension. One child may have a keen interest in music when one is eager to play sports. One may be extremely smart in math and the other may be exceptional at art!

Similarly, the students of the same teacher do not achieve the same goals in life!  The teacher would have taught both at the same time.  But it is in each student as to what he absorbs.  It is almost like, the rain pours on the whole place.  The drops of water on the rock just slide off, whereas the same droplets that have fallen on some soil will nourish and allow a plant to grow in it!  There was no difference in the rain in its intensity or composition of the water.  Both the stone and the soil received the same thing. But their intrinsic, inherent nature made the outcome different.  We certainly need both the rocks and the soil to sustain.  It is just that they can't be compared to the other.

No matter what the color and fragrance they carry, each has his own place and speciality in this world. Each adds beauty to the home in his own unique way. And, none can substitute for the presence of the other! There is a superior driving force behind each individual and each individual belongs exactly where he is!

When no two people even born in the same place (and to the same people) can be alike, how can one expect everyone in the entire world to work and think like him? People come into one's life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When he figures out which it is, he will know exactly what to do. Value each person for what he is. Each comes with his own flaws and finesses. Appreciate them for their good and overlook their shortcomings.

pada vigrahaH:
भवति एक-स्थले जन्म गन्धः तेषां पृथक् पृथक् ।
bhavati eka-sthale janma gandhaH teShaaM pRuthak pRuthak ।

उत्पलस्य मृणालस्य मत्स्यस्य कुमुदस्य च ॥
utpalasya mRuNaalasya matsyasya kumudasya cha ॥

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