July 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
एकवृक्षसमारूढा नाना वर्णा विहङ्गमाः |
प्रभाते दशसु दिक्षु तत्र का परिवेदना ||
- चाणक्य नीति

ekavRukShasamaarUDhaa naanaa varNaa viha~ngamaaH |
prabhaate dashasu dikShu tatra kaa parivedanaa ||
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Birds of different colored feather, all resting on one tree, come morning, shall fly off in ten directions. What is there to agonize about?

A tree houses many a colorful birds and gives them a safe haven to sleep in. Come morning, even before the slightest crack of dawn, they all fly away in different directions, in search of a seed or a worm. Does it make sense if the tree to agonize about the birds - 'Oh, I gave them shelter all night long, in the morning they did not care for me and flew away on their own accord!'

Same happens in life! People from different walks of life, all meet for different purposes at different points in life. When that purpose is served, they move on. What is in it to agonize about? Feeling that someone should be indebted to him forever and be subservient to him is baseless! We meet people for a reason, season or a lifetime. Sometimes, there are short lessons to be learnt or to be shared. At times, the exchange of lessons needs a little longer time. But there are certain people and relationships that need a whole lifetime, to learn, share and grow together with. But then, when their growing is done here, even they, pass on!

When here and now, do thy duties cheerfully and with utmost dedication. Just like the tree, provide shelter and fruit for those in need. Learn a lesson or two from each passer by!

pada vigrahaH:
एक-वृक्ष-समारूढा नाना वर्णा विहङ्गमाः |
eka-vRukSha-samaarUDhaa naanaa varNaa viha~ngamaaH ||

प्रभाते दशसु दिक्षु तत्र का-परिवेदना |
prabhaate dashasu dikShu tatra kaa-parivedanaa ||


  1. Beautiful.
    So very true and close to my heart for I truly believe that people are mostly reason and season.The last line of this pearls has the essence of it all.

  2. I repeat the previous comment : beautiful. These slokas remind me of my school/college days and my favourite Sanskrit teacher!

    Good job!