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July 19th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
राजपत्नी गुरोः पत्नी मित्रपत्नी तथैव च
पत्नीमाता स्वमाता च पञ्चैता मातरः स्मृताः

- चाणक्य नीति

raajapatnI guroH patnI mitrapatnI tathaiva cha
patnImaataa svamaataa cha pa~nchaitaa maataraH smRutaaH
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The king's wife, the teacher's wife, friend's wife, wife's mother and his own birth mother - these 5 should be deemed as mother figures.

Like they say, 'God couldn't be everywhere, so he made mothers'! In his life, one doesn't come across just one mother, but many who take that role for the time being. Hence, all of them deserve the same reverence as they would, their own mother.

A leader or king protects and prospers the nation. He is revered as the father of his subjects. His wife is respected as a mother for, she walks hand in hand with him for the welfare of the land.

The teacher guides one and makes him an able being. In olden days, the pupil used to live at the teacher's house until his learning was completed. The wife of the teacher would feed them and shower affection on them, just as a mother. She is revered for her tending and affection.

A friend is a trusted person who stands by, through thick and thin. Can that trust be repaid by disrespecting his wife? The highest position of honor one can give is, that of a mother. Hence, the friend's wife is given this honor.

The mother of one's own wife is given this utmost regard. That is because it is the wife who instils values in the entire family. All that she has learnt, is through her own mother. That is what she would teach the children in the household. Veneration to her is, for teaching those ethics to his wife.

When giving the highest order of reverence to others, if one says, it is that of a mother, what more to speak of his own mother! She is the one who nurtures him in her womb, gives birth to him, tends him, teaches him life essence, instils ethics in him, gives a direction to his life... Pretty much does everything in her capacity to make sure that her child is secure and ready to take on life! Respecting her is not an option, it is natural! There are no words or deeds that can repay a mother. All one can do is, imbibe her values, be the person she intended him to be and be eternally grateful to her!

Like they say, 'It takes a village to raise a child'! All these roles of mothers contribute to it significantly. 'Beings are what their mothers made them'. Mothers are always held in the highest esteem.

pada vigrahaH:
राज-पत्नी गुरोः पत्नी मित्र-पत्नी तथ एव च
raaja-patnI guroH patnI mitra-patnI tatha eva cha

पत्नी-माता स्व-माता च पञ्च एताः मातरः स्मृताः
patnI-maataa sva-maataa cha pa~ncha etaaH maataraH smRutaaH

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