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July 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सौवर्णानि सरोजानि निर्मातुं सन्ति शिल्पिनः ।
तत्र सौरभनिर्माणे चतुरश्चतुराननः ॥

- सुभाषितरत्नसमुच्चय

sauvarṇāni sarojāni nirmātuṃ santi śilpinaḥ ।
tatra saurabhanirmāṇe caturaścaturānanaḥ ॥
- subhāṣitaratnasamuccaya

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Lotuses of gold are sculpted by many a sculptor. (But) in incorporating fragrance in them, only Lord Brahmā is skillful!

One may be the most skillful, but man's skill set invariably falls short at some level. With modern day technologies and inventions, there still is a point where he doesn't have all answers or all capabilities. The following story says it all -

Once a man said to Brahmā, 'I've learnt how to create, now you can take rest!' Calmly Brahmā said, 'Very well. Just before I retire, could you demonstrate your prowess? Make a pot'. The man laughed and said, 'that is no big deal, I've made bigger things than that!' He picked up some clay to make the pot when Brahmā stopped him. 'Put that down, please. That clay wasn't made by you. Shouldn't you be making your own clay if you are being the creator!' The perplexed man had no answer. Brahmā replied, 'I thought so... Time to get back to work. Guess I can't retire quite yet' :-).

There may be very skilled sculptors who can make the most beautiful lotuses of gold. But putting fragrance in it, only the four-faced Brahmā keeps the secret! Only he has the skill to breathe life into it! He is the only one who can provide the gold as well!!

Do not play yourself up! There is Someone above, who directs the happenings of the world continuously.

pada vigrahaH:
सौवर्णानि सरोजानि निर्मातुं सन्ति शिल्पिनः ।
sauvarṇāni sarojāni nirmātuṃ santi śilpinaḥ ।

तत्र सौरभ-निर्माणे चतुरः चतुराननः ॥
tatra saurabha-nirmāṇe caturaḥ caturānanaḥ ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
sauvarNaani sarojaani nirmaatuM santi shilpinaH ।
tatra saurabhanirmaaNe chaturashchaturaananaH ॥
- subhaaShitaratnasamuchchaya

sauvarNaani sarojaani nirmaatuM santi shilpinaH ।
tatra saurabha-nirmaaNe chaturaH chaturaananaH ॥

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