July 9th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अर्था गृहे निवर्तन्ते श्मशाने मित्रबान्धवाः
सुकृतं दुष्कृतं चैव गच्छन्तमनुगच्छति

arthaa gRuhe nivartante shmashaane mitrabaandhavaaH
sukRutaM duShkRutaM chaiva gachChantamanugachChati

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The wealth gets left behind at home, friends and family at the crematorium. (But) good and bad deeds go behind the going (departed soul).

When passing on from this world, a being leaves behind all his possessions, in their own place and time. His material possessions are the first to be dropped. The do not even accompany him till the crematorium. He leaves them inside the door step of the house itself!

His near and dear ones come only so long as they have to carry him to the crematorium. Once their job is done there, they return home as well!

In his lonely journey onward, the only companions are his very own good AND bad deeds. There is no escape from them. Whether one likes it or not, his vices and virtues follow him and bear their fruit for sure!

If one wants an enjoyable company for his onward journey, he better start working when here! With good company, obviously set backs will be minimal and the path pleasurable.

pada vigrahaH:
अर्थाः गृहे निवर्तन्ते श्मशाने मित्र-बान्धवाः
arthaaH gRuhe nivartante shmashaane mitra-baandhavaaH

सुकृतं दुष्कृतं च एव गच्छन्तम् अनुगच्छति
sukRutaM duShkRutaM cha eva gachChantam anugachChati


  1. Very nice. Can you please provide the source of this verse?

  2. Sorry Sanketh, couldn't find the reference to the original source. But liked the essence and hence put it up... Let me know if you come up with something.