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January 9th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
किं कुलेन विशालेन विद्याहीनस्य देहिनः
अकुलीनोऽपि विद्यावान् देवैरपि सुपूज्यते

kiM kulena vishaalena vidyaahInasya dehinaH
akulIno.pi vidyaavaan devairapi supUjyate

Meaning of the subhAShita:
What is the use of a broad lineage for a spirit devoid (deficient) of knowledge? Even if one is born in a lower clan, an educated (person) is worshipped by Gods even.

Lineage and family background has no bearing on the respectability one attains. Respect has to be commanded, not demanded. An educated person is honored and celebrated wherever he goes. Although his birth is from a lower class (according to social divisions), an educated and learned person is seen in a different light. From the hunter Kannappa, to Kanakadaasa, to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, history is proof for this fact. Humble origins haven't mattered to them. Nothing or no one could ever stop them from achieving what they were determined to. Also, just because a person is from a rich and famous family doesn't mean that he can skip learning. Education is the only equipment that grooms one to attain all heights in life. Well, according to this verse, even Gods revere such people, no doubts there!

Three cheers to knowledge and learning!

pada vigrahaH:
किं कुलेन विशालेन विद्या हीनस्य देहिनः
kiM kulena vishaalena vidyaa hInasya dehinaH

अकुलीनः अपि विद्यावान् देवैः अपि सुपूज्यते
akulInaH api vidyaavaan devaiH api supUjyate

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