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January 3rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दुर्जनः प्रियवादीति नैतद्विश्वासकारणम्
मधुस्तिष्ठति जिह्वाग्रे हृदये तु हालाहलम्

durjanaH priyavaadIti naitadvishvaasakaaraNam
madhustiShThati jihvaagre hRudaye tu haalaahalam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Because an evil-doer speaks nicely, it shouldn't be the reason for trust. There is honey at the tip of the tongue, but poison at heart.

Know thy friends and foes!

Just because a person speaks sweetly doesn't mean that he has your best interest at heart. Those that are wicked and evil at heart, might speak like sweet honey, yet stab from the back.

At the same time, it doesn't mean that every person speaking sweetly has an agenda. There are a lot of nice people in the world, who genuinely speak from their hearts.

Knowing people well, before we let them influence us, is a good way to go about dealing with people.

pada vigrahaH:
दुर्जनः प्रियवादी इति न एतत् विश्वास कारणम्
durjanaH priyavaadI iti na etat vishvaasa kaaraNam

मधुः तिष्ठति जिह्व अग्रे हृदये तु हालाहलम्
madhuH tiShThati jihva agre hRudaye tu haalaahalam

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