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January 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सद्भिरेव सहासीत सद्भिः कुर्वीत सङ्गतिम्
सद्भिर्विवादं मैत्रिं च नासद्भिः किञ्चिदाचरेत्

sadbhireva sahaasIta sadbhiH kurvIta sa~ngatim
sadbhirvivaadaM maitriM cha naasadbhiH ki~nchidaacharet

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Be with good people, associate with good people, have even a dispute or friendship with good people, do not have anything to do with the evil ones.

The advice here is to associate only with good people in any kind of actions. The company kept should be with good people, associations should be with good people. The friendships are to be kept with good people. All these are quite logical.

But then, the call is that even a dispute should be had with only the good people. And quite rightly so! A conversation, even in dispute, with a person who is good at heart, has a purpose. The purpose being, resolving the situation. Like they say - an argument is to find 'who' is right, whereas a discussion to find out 'what' is right!  A dispute with the noble becomes a discussion and not an argument.  There is no ego involved, only the intent to figure out what is right.  Hence, the dispute results in both the parties coming out smarter than before and happier than before.

Hence, the call here is - to not have anything to do with those that are evil at heart. Any kind of actions are better when done in association with good people (sajjana).

pada vigrahaH:
सद्भिः एव सह आसीत सद्भिः कुर्वीत सङ्गतिम्
sadbhiH eva saha aasIta sadbhiH kurvIta sa~ngatim

सद्भिः विवादं मैत्रिं च न असद्भिः किञ्चित् आचरेत्
sadbhiH vivaadaM maitriM cha na asadbhiH ki~nchit aacharet

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