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January 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पूरयेदशनेनार्धं तृतीयम् उदकेन तु
वायुसञ्चरणार्थाय चतुर्थमवशेषयेत्

pUrayedashanenaardhaM tRutIyam udakena tu
vaayusa~ncharaNaarthaaya chaturthamavasheShayet

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Fill half with (solid) food, but the third quarter with water. For the movement of air, leave the fourth quarter empty.

Stomach that is!

If one needs to ward off a hoard of health issues, keep obesity at bay, look trim and young even in their old age, this one simple rule is enough. No diets, no doctors, no medications...

At every meal, one should remember to consume solid food, enough to fill only two quarters (half) of his stomach, drink one quarter of water and leave the other quarter empty. Following this one simple discipline, is the best approach to having good health and not over indulging with food.

If one considers the analogy of stomach as a blender, these numbers become very vivid. If the jar is filled to the brim with materials to be blended, then the mixie won't even be able to turn the blades. A jar filled half with the ingredients and enough water to liquefy the ingredients, gives a nice paste. The jar too, needs some room to churn the solids and the liquid together. So, the last quarter that is left empty, serves this purpose. Too much water won't make a smooth paste either. An appropriate proportion of everything gives the best results.

If we do not keep this in mind and overload the jar, the blender will surely break sooner than it should! Similarly, if we do not keep this tip in mind, the body gets to bear the brunt and wears out sooner than it would...

Choice is ours!

pada vigrahaH:
पूरयेत् अशनेन अर्धं तृतीयम् उदकेन तु
pUrayet ashanena ardhaM tRutIyam udakena tu

वायु सञ्चरण अर्थाय चतुर्थम् अवशेषयेत्

vaayu sa~ncharaNa arthaaya chaturtham avasheShayet

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