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January 28th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
नित्यं क्रोधात्तपो रक्षेत् धर्मं रक्षेच्च मत्सरात्
विद्यां मानापमानाभ्याम् आत्मानं तु प्रमादतः

- महाभारत, वन पर्व

nityaM krodhaattapo rakShet dharmaM rakShechcha matsaraat
vidyaaM maanaapamaanaabhyaam aatmaanaM tu pramaadataH
- mahaabhaarata, vana parva

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Always protect penance from anger; save righteousness from jealousy; defend knowledge from (the clutches of) pride and contempt; protect oneself (soul) from misdeeds.

Our scriptures are proof to the rage of maharshi dUrvaasa. There are stories where his anger brought down the strength of his innumerous penances. Penance (tapas) does not imply just the act of penance, inclusive of 'rigorous rituals'. It is a depiction of any kind of austerity. It could be as simple as vaaktapas - the discipline of speech, which we follow in our day to day lives. Anger breaks this vow. Anger and penance are two things that don't go hand in hand. So, penance needs to be protected from anger.

Virtue and righteousness are life essentials. If one gets into the grip of jealousy, in order to top his so-called 'enemy', his sense of righteousness gets thrown to the wind. He would go to any levels in order to overcome his jealousy. But he forgets one point in the due course. Jealousy is like a fire, a fire inside oneself. It burns the bearer first and then everyone else around him. To reach higher goals in life, one needs to follow the path of dharma. The biggest pullback for it is jealousy. Save dharma from jealousy.

Knowledge is the one tool that makes us different from animals. With knowledge, comes the aspect of pride and contempt. Pride because 'I know all these things', or contempt because 'someone doesn't'. Contempt could come from the learned towards the less learned too. But these factors should not deter the resolve of the vidyaarthi (student). If he is too proud of his prowess, that curtails his growth. Or, if he lets someone's contempt to discourage him, that curtails his growth too. Vidyaa should be defended from the clutches of pride and contempt.

All in all, one should beware of misdeeds. Any action that is not proactive towards the betterment of the soul is considered a misdeed. One should protect oneself, his soul, from all misdeeds at all costs.

pada vigrahaH:
नित्यं क्रोधात् तपो रक्षेत् धर्मं रक्षेत् च मत्सरात्
nityaM krodhaat tapo rakShet dharmaM rakShet cha matsaraat

विद्यां मान अपमानाभ्याम् आत्मानं तु प्रमादतः
vidyaaM maana apamaanaabhyaam aatmaanaM tu pramaadataH

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