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January 21st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
काकः कृष्णः पिकः कृष्णः को भेदः पिककाकयोः
वसन्तकाले संप्राप्ते काकः काकः पिकः पिकः
- कुवलयानन्द

kaakaH kRuShNaH pikaH kRuShNaH ko bhedaH pikakaakayoH
vasantakaale saMpraapte kaakaH kaakaH pikaH pikaH
- kuvalayaananda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Crow is black, nightingale is black... what's the difference between the two? Come spring, a crow is a crow, a nightingale is a nightingale.

In appearance, a crow and a nightingale aren't very different. A crow is black and so is a nightingale. How can we tell the difference? It doesn't matter... Come spring, the difference automatically becomes evident! While a nightingale sings melodiously, a crow, well..., crows. The crow can hang out with the nightingale, try to eat like him or fly like him. These would be external imitations. But the true nature of a nightingale is its sweet voice. That is unimitable by a crow.  (A crow is special in its own way and contributes in ways he was made for!)

The metaphor of the crow and nightingale is given to people. We have to be who we are. It doesn't do much good if we talk, walk or pretend like someone else... Each and every being is precious on this earth and God made each being with a purpose. The roles of 'others' are already taken..., by other people, obviously :). The only person left to be taken is - ourselves! Let's be ourselves instead of pretending to be someone, who we are not.

External appearances don't make the difference, what's inside is all that matters!

pada vigrahaH:
काकः कृष्णः पिकः कृष्णः को भेदः पिक काकयोः
kaakaH kRuShNaH pikaH kRuShNaH ko bhedaH pika kaakayoH

वसन्त काले संप्राप्ते काकः काकः पिकः पिकः
vasanta kaale saMpraapte kaakaH kaakaH pikaH pikaH


  1. हंसः श्वेतः बकः श्वेतः को भेदो बकहंसयोः |
    नीर-क्षीर-विवेके तु हंसो हंसो बको बकः ||

    The swan is white, the crane is (also) white. What is the difference between the crane and the swan? But in respect of separating water and milk, the swan is a swan (and) the crane is a crane.

  2. That is right Vishwesh-ji. That would be the albino version of the above verse :). Thanks for sharing it.

    For further exposition on the verse, please do see