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January 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
बालस्यापि रवेः पादाः पतन्त्युपरि भूभृताम्
तेजसा सह जातानां वयः कुत्रोपयुज्यते

baalasyaapi raveH paadaaH patantyupari bhUbhRutaam
tejasaa saha jaataanaaM vayaH kutropayujyate

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Even the feet of a young Sun can fall on top of the mountains (kings). For those born with brilliance, where is the relevance of age?

Early in the morning, the Sun is still tender and young. But that does not have any bearing on his reach! As easily as he can reach the deep valleys, he can reach the mountain tops too. He can shine on kings as well as kings men. For those who are inherently brilliant, their age has no bearing to their achievements. That certainly is an attribute everyone wants to possess!

Achievements are not necessarily gauged as per feats and fame. Children, even with their naivety and innocence, teach the grown-ups a lot. Age is no factor to the little ones. They are inherently happy and their happiness is contagious too! They are just happy! As adults, why do we fall short of these traits...?!

pada vigrahaH:
बालस्य अपि रवेः पादाः पतन्ति उपरि भूभृताम्
baalasya api raveH paadaaH patanti upari bhUbhRutaam

तेजसा सह जातानां वयः कुत्र उपयुज्यते
tejasaa saha jaataanaaM vayaH kutra upayujyate

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