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January 17th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
क्षमा बलमशक्तानां शक्तानां भूषणं क्षमा
क्षमा वशीकृते लोके क्षमया किं न सिध्यति
kShamaa balamashaktaanaaM shaktaanaaM bhUShaNaM kShamaa
kShamaa vashIkRute loke kShamayaa kiM na sidhyati

Meaning of the subhAShita:
'Forgiveness' is the strength of the weak; 'forgiveness' is the adornment of the strong. The world is subdued by 'forgiveness'. What can't be accomplished with 'forgiveness'!

Forgiveness is a strange tool! If one is not strong enough to fight his opponent, might as well forgive the opponent and save his skin... Forgiveness becomes his strength in that case. If he is stronger than the opponent, he might as well still forgive him, because, forgiveness is an adornment of the strong! Strength doesn't always need propaganda. The whole world can be conquered with this harmless weapon - forgiveness. There isn't anything that can't be achieved by adapting this one simple attitude.

The inflictor can't constantly keep causing trouble if he is not getting any reaction. Forgiving a person not only resolves the conflict, but it also sets us free. Free from the binding of the problem and the unwanted fretting thoughts that accompany it. The heart and mind feel a lot lighter. We become more productive, energetic and happier!

'To err is human, to forgive, divine.'

Three cheers to forgiveness!

pada vigrahaH:
क्षमा बलम् अशक्तानां शक्तानां भूषणं क्षमा
kShamaa balam ashaktaanaaM shaktaanaaM bhUShaNaM kShamaa

क्षमा वशीकृते लोके क्षमया किं न सिध्यति
kShamaa vashIkRute loke kShamayaa kiM na sidhyati

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