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January 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
प्रथमवयसि पीतं तोयमल्पं स्मरन्तः
शिरसि निहितभारा नारिकेला नराणाम्
ददति जलमनल्पास्वादमाजीवितान्तं
न हि कृतमुपकारं साधवो विस्मरन्ति

- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

prathamavayasi pItaM toyamalpaM smarantaH
shirasi nihitabhaaraa naarikelaa naraaNaam
dadati jalamanalpaaswaadamaajIvitaantaM
na hi kRutamupakaaraM saadhavo vismaranti
- subhaaShitaratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
In memory of the little water consumed as a seedling, a coconut tree, bearing weight on its head throughout its life, gives sweet water abundantly to humans. The noble never forget any assistance given to them.

In real life, the beneficiary soon forgets the benefit he got from a benefactor! But the true noble never forget the help they receive from another, no matter how negligible. They will remember it and be grateful forever to their benefactor, just like a coconut tree. Coconut trees don't need much water once they root themselves well in a place. They can survive pretty well even in lands with scanty irrigation or rainwater. But they need good tending as seedlings when they are growing up. Once they grow up, they bear sweet coconut water in their shells. The coconut tree obviously doesn't enjoy the refreshing tender coconut itself! As if, in gratitude to the humans for tending it, it offers its cool waters throughout its lifetime.

In fact, an interesting word in Sanskrit for this scenario is कृतज्ञ (kRutaj~na). This is derived as कृतं जानामि इति कृतज्ञः (kRutaM jaanaami iti kRuta~jnaH). Literally, it means 'I know what you did for me', 'I acknowledge what you did for me'. There is no forgetting the favor for any reason whatsoever.

The noble are कृतज्ञ (kRutaj~na) to their benefactors forever.

pada vigrahaH:
प्रथम वयसि पीतं तोयम् अल्पं स्मरन्तः
prathama vayasi pItaM toyam alpaM smarantaH

शिरसि निहित भारा नारिकेला नराणाम्
shirasi nihita bhaaraa naarikelaa naraaNaam

ददति जलम् अनल्पा स्वादम् आजीवित अन्तं
dadati jalam analpaa swaadam aajIvita antaM

न हि कृतम् उपकारं साधवो विस्मरन्ति
na hi kRutam upakaaraM saadhavo vismaranti

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