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January 25th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
बोद्धारो मत्सरग्रस्ताः प्रभवः स्मयदूषिताः
अबोधोपहताश्चान्ये जीर्णमङ्गे सुभाषितम्
- नीतिशतक, भर्तृहरि

boddhaaro matsaragrastaaH prabhavaH smayadUShitaaH
abodhopahataashchaanye jIrNama~nge subhaaShitam
- nItishataka, bhartRuhari

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The perceptive are in the grasp of jealousy, the kings are corrupt with arrogance and the rest are beyond perception... The subhaaShitas dilapidated within myself.

भर्तृहरि (bhartRuhari) who wrote the wonderful book 'नीतिशतक' (nItishataka), starts off with a sad note, saying in the world, there are all kinds of people. Some are sharp and perceptive, some are not. Some have the power to propagate knowledge (like the kings) and some don't. But the problem is.., all of these groups of people have their own different reasons for ignoring the subhaaShitaa-s.

1. The intelligent people are too busy trying to top the rat race and be better than their fellow beings. Swallowed by jealousy, they do not have any affection towards the subhaaShitaa-s

2. The kings or other people with power are so arrogant about the power in their hands. Instead of using their power for the propagation of values and morals, they do not even care for the subhaaShitaas

3. The rest are not knowledgeable enough to be receptive to the subhaaShitaa-s

Alas, that covers most categories of people...

But yet, he wrote the wonderful book with a 100 beautiful verses, hoping that, someone someday will be eager to learn... Each is a pearl of wisdom in itself.

Let's be the ones using those pearls and putting them to practical use in our daily lives!

pada vigrahaH:
बोद्धारः मत्सर ग्रस्ताः प्रभवः स्मय दूषिताः
boddhaaraH matsara grastaaH prabhavaH smaya dUShitaaH

अबोधोपहताः च अन्ये जीर्णम् अङ्गे सुभाषितम्
abodhopahataaH cha anye jIrNam a~nge subhaaShitam

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