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January 20th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वज्रादपि कठोराणि मृदूनि कुसुमादपि
लोकोत्तराणां चेतांसि को हि विज्ञातुमर्हति

- उत्तररामचरित

vajraadapi kaThoraaNi mRudUni kusumaadapi
lokottaraaNaaM chetaaMsi ko hi vi~jnaatumarhati
- uttararaamacharita

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Firmer than even diamonds, tender than the flowers too... Who can understand the minds of the extraordinary?!

The firmness of a diamond and the tenderness of a flower are two contradictory aspects. Finding them together is a wonder in itself. The minds of exceptional people is a combination of both these natures. They are firm and hard as a diamond in certain things - they do not trade their morals and values for anything. They will fight hard, with tenacity for what they firmly believe in. They are strong in times of crisis and do not fret about happenings that are beyond their control. But then, they do not exhibit the same tenacity when it comes to humanity and humility. They are very compassionate to their fellow beings. They cannot see the sufferings of other beings and do nothing about it. They strive with all their might to put an end to their suffering. Their dedication to their endeavors is exemplary.

Aren't exceptional people a blend of extraordinary combinations!

pada vigrahaH:
वज्रात् अपि कठोराणि मृदूनि कुसुमात् अपि
vajraat api kaThoraaNi mRudUni kusumaat api

लोकोत्तराणां चेतांसि को हि विज्ञातुम् अर्हति

lokottaraaNaaM chetaaMsi ko hi vi~jnaatum arhati

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  1. शुभोवसुत पुत्रोवायो भाकोपाभवाग्यहम् |
    दैवायत्तं पुलेजन्म मलयत्तं तू पौरुषम् ||

    हा श्लोक बरोबर आहे का? नसेल तर बरोबर मिळेल का अर्थ सहित ?