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January 19th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
शतं विहाय भोक्तव्यं सहस्रं स्नानमाचरेत्
लक्षं विहाय दातव्यं सर्वं त्यक्त्वा हरिं भजेत्

shataM vihaaya bhoktavyaM sahasraM snaanamaacharet
lakShaM vihaaya daatavyaM sarvaM tyaktvaa hariM bhajet

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Having abandoned a 100 (things), eat; (having abandoned) a 1000 (jobs), perform ablutions; having abandoned 100,000 (chores), give charity; having abandoned everything, serve the Lord.

The first sentence is enticing! Drop a 100 things on the to-do list and eat. Because food is essential for survival.

But then, the second part of the verse says, drop a 1000 chores (that includes eating...) and take a bath. Because cleanliness is Godliness.

The third quarter of the verse says, giving charity and doing charitable actions takes more priority than a hundred thousand other jobs (including eating and bathing...).

The final quarter says, leave everything (including eating, bathing, giving...) and serve the Lord.

The essence here is, not to say, leave all duties and sit praying! Certainly not!! The main intent of the verse is to tell that we need to see the work of the Supreme Power in every single moment of the day, in everything we do throughout our lives. We can't survive without eating or bathing or doing good to others. The verse is urging us to see God in all these aspects of daily life. We continue to do what we do, only with a different attitude - that of अर्पण भाव (arpaNa bhaava - offering). Everything we do should be an offering to the Lord. Life becomes a lot easier and the world suddenly becomes a happier place to live in.

pada vigrahaH:
शतं विहाय भोक्तव्यं सहस्रं स्नानम् आचरेत्
shataM vihaaya bhoktavyaM sahasraM snaanam aacharet

लक्षं विहाय दातव्यं सर्वं त्यक्त्वा हरिं भजेत्
lakShaM vihaaya daatavyaM sarvaM tyaktvaa hariM bhajet

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  1. शतं विहायेति श्लोकस्य भावमेवमभिप्रैम्यहम्----"विचित्रा देहसम्पत्तिः
    ईश्वराय निवेदितुं।पूर्वमेव कृता (राजन्)हस्तपादादिसंयुता"इति,"परोपकारार्थमिदं शरीर"मिति सूक्तिद्वयस्य अर्थः मनसि निधीयते चेत् जीवितपरमार्थं ज्ञास्यामः।यत्किमपि सत्कार्यं कर्तुं
    शरीरं प्रधानमिति "शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधन"मिति सूक्त्या जानीमः खलु।अतः शरीररक्षणार्थमुद्दिष्टोऽयं श्लोकः।भोजनस्य स्नानस्य दानस्य भगवतः स्मरणस्य च प्राधान्येन शतमिति सहस्रमिति लक्षमिति केवलं बाहुळ्यद्योतनाय "यानि कानि च कार्याण्यन्यानि विहायेत्युक्तमिति मे मतिः।सङ्ख्यायाः प्राधान्यं नास्तीति च मे मतिः।