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January 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
उपकारो हि नीचानां अपकारो हि जायते
पयः पानं भुजङ्गानां केवलं विषवर्धनम्
upakaaro hi nIchaanaaM apakaaro hi jaayate
payaH paanaM bhuja~ngaanaaM kevalaM viShavardhanam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Benefaction to the evil only bears misdeeds. Feeding milk to a snake only aids to increasing (its) poison.

It is hard to change the nature of certain things or people. The example given here is that of a snake. No matter how much milk is fed, it only assists in increasing its poison. It strikes back with more ferociousness and tenacity...

Similarly, patronizing the evil beings only brings harm. They incessantly work towards harming others. Staying away from such influences is the best approach.

Know thy friends and foes.

pada vigrahaH:
उपकारः हि नीचानां अपकारो हि जायते
upakaaraH hi nIchaanaaM apakaaro hi jaayate

पयः पानं भुजङ्गानां केवलं विष वर्धनम्
payaH paanaM bhuja~ngaanaaM kevalaM viSha vardhanam


  1. Wow!!!
    Took me back to school days and the year when we learned and memorized this one.
    I am reading several of your posts today and appreciate the commentary as well.

  2. One more comment,I think ViSh has SHaTkon SH.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the typo RA. You are absolutely right. It is fixed now.