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January 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
राजा बन्धुरबन्धूनां राजा चक्षुरचक्षुषां
राजा पिता च माता च राजा चार्तिहरो गुरुः

raajaa bandhurabandhUnaaM raajaa chakShurachakShuShaaM
raajaa pitaa cha maataa cha raajaa chaartiharo guruH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The king is a relative to those who don't have kinsman; king is the eye for those without eyes; king is mother and father; king is the teacher who takes away distress.

For a nation to prosper, his king should have his heart and mind in the right places. A position of a king is such that, he needs to act as the kinsman for even those who do not have any kith and kin in this world. No discrimination amongst his citizens because someone knows someone in the hierarchy. He should act as the eyes for the blind, meaning, he should aid them in all possible ways to make their life more comfortable. Not just for the blind, but for all those who are challenged in life, one way or another. More importantly, he is the mother as well as father to his whole nation. He should be responsible like parents for their children. He is also the teacher who guides his people away from distress and trouble.

Such should be the quality of a leader. The designation could be King, President, Prime Minister, Mayor, a Parent even! They are leaders in their own respective boundaries. When leaders have the right approach to things, then all the people under them prosper and the whole nation and the world, in turn, prosper. This is the universal truth, no matter what era or the title of the designation.

pada vigrahaH:
राजा बन्धुः अबन्धूनां राजा चक्षुः अचक्षुषां
raajaa bandhuH abandhUnaaM raajaa chakShuH achakShuShaaM

राजा पिता च माता च राजा च आर्ति हरः गुरुः
raajaa pitaa cha maataa cha raajaa cha aarti haraH guruH

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