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January 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
कान् पृच्छामः सुराः स्वर्गे निवसामो वयं भुवि
किं वा काव्यरसस्स्वादुः किं वा स्वादीयसी सुधा
kaan pRuchChaamaH suraaH swarge nivasaamo vayaM bhuvi
kiM vaa kaavyarasasswaaduH kiM vaa svaadIyasI sudhaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Who shall we ask - the Gods live in heaven and we live on earth. Is the essence of poetry better or is the taste of divine nectar better?!

Amruta (divine nectar) is considered as the sweetest thing possible. But here, the claim is questioned. Questioned with the fact that, the essence of poetry is very sweet and at the same time, very valuable too. The flavors of poetry have a wide range. They could be emotional, romantic, kindness, happiness, anxiety, pity or teach morals and values too. They not only entice the reader with their essences, they also contribute to the growth of the reader.

So, how can we decide which is better - the divine nectar or the poetry?! Guess it is a tough call. We have no one to justify either claim. The Gods, who have tasted nectar, live in heaven. We, who have enjoyed the flavors and feelings of poetry, live on earth. We haven't seen the taste of each other's possessions.

Like they say 'sweet as poetry' - poetry is as sweet as nectar and nobody could contradict the claim either!

pada vigrahaH:
कान् पृच्छामः सुराः स्वर्गे निवसामो वयं भुवि
kaan pRuchChaamaH suraaH swarge nivasaamo vayaM bhuvi

किं वा काव्य रसः स्वादुः किं वा स्वादीयसी सुधा
kiM vaa kaavya rasaH swaaduH kiM vaa svaadIyasI sudhaa

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