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January 18th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
संस्कृतं देवभाषास्ति वेदभाषास्ति संस्कृतम्
प्राचीनज्ञानभाषा च संस्कृतं भद्रमण्डनम्

saMskRutaM devabhaaShaasti vedabhaaShaasti saMskRutam
praachIna~jnaanabhaaShaa cha saMskRutaM bhadramaNDanam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Sanskrit is the language of the Gods, sanskrit is the language of the vedas, it is also the language (which gives) our ancient knowledge, sanskrit adorns prosperity.

Sanskrit is not just an ancient language, it is also a unique language. It is the language of Gods, which not only means - is spoken by Gods, but also - is given to us by the Gods themselves. Gods are considered as the cream of the crowd (Gods, humans, demons). Similarly, sanskrit is the 'cream of the crowd' of all languages, so as to say. It is the language in which our ancient scriptures and the vedas have been given to us. Today, science is doing research in so many arenas and aspects of life. But these conclusions are already given to us by our ancestors eons ago, in the divine language - sanskrit!

The word संस्कृत (saMskRutam) is derived as सम्यक् कृतम् इति संस्कृतम् (samyak kRutam iti saMskRutam). It literally means - 'well done', 'refined', 'perfected'! The basics of the language are so well defined that it has been declared as the most unambiguous language ever, the best suited even for the modern inventions like computers. Sanskrit propagates prosperity.

जयतु संस्कृतम् (jayatu saMskRutam) - hail sanskrit. May it live for ever.

pada vigrahaH:
संस्कृतं देव भाषा अस्ति वेद भाषा अस्ति संस्कृतम्
saMskRutaM deva bhaaShaa asti veda bhaaShaa asti saMskRutam

प्राचीन ज्ञान भाषा च संस्कृतं भद्र मण्डनम्
praachIna ~jnaana bhaaShaa cha saMskRutaM bhadra maNDanam

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