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January 27th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सत्सङ्गश्च विवेकश्च निर्मलं नयनद्वयम्
यस्य नास्ति नरः
सोऽन्धः कथं न स्यादमार्गगः
- गरुडपुराण

satsa~ngashcha vivekashcha nirmalaM nayanadwayam
yasya naasti naraH so.ndhaH kathaM na syaadamaargagaH
- garuDapuraaNa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
One who doesn't have two pure eyes (namely) - the company of the wise and prudence, is blind. How can he not tread wrong paths?

No one is born all intelligent. Our knowledge base too grows as we grow. The kind of stimulus and exposure that surround us have a huge role to play in who we become. Being around the virtuous, makes one want to be virtuous too. Company of the wise and knowledgeable comes only by God's grace. When we get it, it is on us make it or break it. If we put it to use, their company makes us wise and prudent too. One with wisdom rarely treads on wrong paths.

Hence the verse opines that the company of the wise and wisdom itself act as two eyes which are pure and give the person, clarity of vision. One with clear vision stays on his path. Obviously, one who can't see is termed as 'blind'. So, one who doesn't possess these two eyes, is deemed blind and no wonder he can't 'see straight'!

Keep good company and keep your wits.

pada vigrahaH:
सत्सङ्गः च विवेकः च निर्मलं नयन द्वयम्
satsa~ngaH cha vivekaH cha nirmalaM nayana dwayam

यस्य न अस्ति नरः सः अन्धः कथं न स्यात् अमार्गगः
yasya na asti naraH saH andhaH kathaM na syaat amaargagaH

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