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January 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
निर्वनो वध्यते व्याघ्रः निर्व्याघ्रं छिद्यते वनम्
तस्माद्व्याघ्रो वनं रक्षेत् वनं व्याघ्रञ्च पालयेत्

- महाभारत, उद्योगपर्व

nirvano vadhyate vyaaghraH nirvyaaghraM Chidyate vanam
tasmaadvyaaghro vanaM rakShet vanaM vyaaghra~ncha paalayet
- mahaabhaarata, udyogaparva

Meaning of the subhAShita:
If there is no forest, the tiger gets killed; without the tiger, the forest gets ripped. Hence, the tiger protects the forest and the forest guards the tiger!

This is a beautiful story of God's creation and His way of balancing the nature!

It is very obvious that a tiger cannot survive if there is no forest. It is its habitat and that is the only home it knows to survive in. (The ones in the zoos and circuses are not living their lives, but enduring their lives, unfortunately...) But how can the forest get destroyed if the tiger was not there? Wouldn't all the other animals live happily, in peace and harmony? Well, if we hypothetically imagine a scenario where there was no tiger, then all the herbivorous animals would live fearlessly, produce offspring fearlessly, roam fearlessly, eat fearlessly... There would be no noose for any of their actions! They would reproduce in large numbers and consume the forest endlessly... Isn't that a scary scenario for the fate of the forest! Hence the tiger protects the forest's well being, by keeping the herbivores in check.

If we protect the nature and environment, the environment protects us in turn. If we destroy the God-given gifts for our selfish purposes, we will be the ones to face the negative consequences of it too. If we protect the law, the law protects us. If we protect our fellow beings, our fellow beings come to our protection. If we do good to others, we receive it back in turn. This can be extended to as many aspects as we can think of. The point is, 'Do unto others as you want others to do to you'.

God's ways of balance can be seen in every aspect of creation! He did not generate a single ounce of waste in any which way or form.

There is a purpose for the existence of every being, every animal...

pada vigrahaH:
निर्वनो वध्यते व्याघ्रः निर्व्याघ्रं छिद्यते वनम्
nirvano vadhyate vyaaghraH nirvyaaghraM Chidyate vanam

तस्मात् व्याघ्रः वनं रक्षेत् वनं व्याघ्रं च पालयेत्
tasmaat vyaaghraH vanaM rakShet vanaM vyaaghraM cha paalayet

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