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January 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
त्यजेदेकं कुलस्यार्थे ग्रामस्यार्थे कुलं त्यजेत्
ग्रामं जनपदस्यार्थे ह्यात्मार्थे पृथिवीं त्यजेत्

- हितोपदेश, मित्रलाभ

tyajedekaM kulasyaarthe graamasyaarthe kulaM tyajet
graamaM janapadasyaarthe hyaatmaarthe pRuthivIM tyajet
- hitopadesha, mitralaabha

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Sacrifice one for the sake of the family; give up a family for the sake of a town; sacrifice a town for the benefit of the nation; also, leave the earth for the benefit of the soul.

Aim at the higher good!

If one person is causing havoc, the family gives him up for the integrity of the family. If a whole family is the cause for trouble, the town doesn't support that family. An entire town may be given up for the benefit of the nation. Likewise, for the betterment of the aatma, it abandons the world, in the sense, realizes the futility of worldly pleasures and gives it up!

Instead of focusing on the act of 'giving up', if one focuses on the reason, then it all feels justified. Alienating someone as part of bullying or selfish motives, can not be justified with this verse! Giving up life due to cowardice is certainly not attested in this verse either. If one's morals and values are compromised, then there is a whole different approach to the verse. For example, the freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the betterment of their nation and fellow beings. When the futility of the worldly pleasures is comprehended by the noble people, they give them up. They cease to be enchanted or enamoured by the material possessions, for the betterment of their aatma!

When the motive is right, the actions following that motive will automatically be justified.

As long as the mind and heart are in the right places, the purpose of the better good is served.

pada vigrahaH:
त्यजेत् एकं कुलस्य अर्थे ग्रामस्य अर्थे कुलं त्यजेत्
tyajet ekaM kulasya arthe graamasya arthe kulaM tyajet

ग्रामं जनपदस्य अर्थे हि आत्म अर्थे पृथिवीं त्यजेत्
graamaM janapadasya arthe hi aatma arthe pRuthivIM tyajet

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