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November 1st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
एकेनापि सुवृक्षेण पुष्पितेन सुगन्धिना
वासितं तद्वनं सर्वं सुपुत्रेण कुलं यथा

ekenaapi suvRukSheNa puShpitena sugandhinaa
vaasitaM tadvanaM sarvaM suputreNa kulaM yathaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
(Just as) the whole forest becomes fragrant due to one nice tree with blooms, so does the whole clan due to one good son.

The good deeds of one person, shines the name of the whole clan (those around him). Just as one flowering tree with blooms is sufficient to make the whole forest fragrant, one good person brings cheer to everyone around him.

Children are the faces of the future. They represent a whole generation ahead of us. Grooming them into virtuous adults with firm moral grounds is the most sacred responsibility parents can have. Such children, not only bring joy to the people around them, they make the world a better place to live in.

pada vigrahaH:
एकेन अपि सुवृक्षेण पुष्पितेन सुगन्धिना
ekena api suvRukSheNa puShpitena sugandhinaa

वासितं तत् वनं सर्वं सुपुत्रेण कुलं यथा
vaasitaM tat vanaM sarvaM suputreNa kulaM yathaa

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