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November 20th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गतानुगतिको लोके न कोऽपिः पारमार्थिकः
गङ्गा सैकत लिङ्गेन नष्‍टं मे ताम्र भाजनम्

gataanugatiko loke na ko.piH paaramaarthikaH
ga~ngaa saikata li~ngena naShTaM me taamra bhaajanam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
People of the world are just followers, nobody gets real. (In the episode of) a sand 'Lingam' on (the banks of) Ganga, I lost my copper pot.

In this parable, a person has a copper pot filled with coins. Since he was his quest to the pilgrimages, he dug a hole in the sand. On the bank of river Ganga, he hid the pot and filled up the hole. To be able to identify the location on returning, he made a 'Lingam' (a representation of Lord Shiva), on that spot and left.

But alas! The onlookers, without knowing the reason for the Lingam, thought it was a ritual that was supposed to be done, on visiting the sacred place! Each and every visitor thenceforward, started making their own Lingam, all around the first one, as they pleased...

On returning, the person who hid the pot was perplexed to see the in-numerous Lingams all over the place. Obviously, he couldn't locate the one he had made, to help identify the secret location in the first place! He in vain, says that the entire world - just blindly follows anything, anyone does, without a rhyme or reason.

Anything one does, anything one follows - should have a purpose. If the purpose or meaning of the deed is not understood, the result of it can't be of much use either.

pada vigrahaH:
गत अनुगतिकः लोके न कः अपि पारमार्थिकः
gata anugatikaH loke na kaH api paaramaarthikaH

गङ्गा सैकत लिङ्गेन नष्‍टं मे ताम्र भाजनम्
ga~ngaa saikata li~ngena naShTaM me taamra bhaajanam

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