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November 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
एकेन शुष्कवृक्षेण दह्यमानेन वह्निना
दह्यते तद्वनं सर्वं कुपुत्रेण कुलं यथा

- सुभाषितरत्नसम्मुच्चय

ekena shuShkavRukSheNa dahyamaanena vahninaa
dahyate tadvanaM sarvaM kuputreNa kulaM yathaa
- subhaaShitaratnasammuchchaya

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Just as one dry tree burning with fire is enough to burn the whole forest, similarly does a whole clan due to a one ill mannered child.

Even in a forest filled with trees that are very much alive, one dead tree can bring havoc. That tree can catch a flame and turn instantaneously into a blazing fire. Such a tree doesn't just burn itself, but everything else around it.

One ill-mannered child not only brings disgrace to himself, but to his friends and family as well. Again, it is the prime responsibility of the adults around, to instill the right morals and behavior in children from a very young age. Because 'As you sow, so shall you reap'. The children will grow into whatever mold they were shaped in.

pada vigrahaH:
एकेन शुष्क वृक्षेण दह्यमानेन वह्निना
ekena shuShka vRukSheNa dahyamaanena vahninaa

दह्यते तत् वनं सर्वं कुपुत्रेण कुलं यथा
dahyate tat vanaM sarvaM kuputreNa kulaM yathaa

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