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November 22nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पठतो नास्ति मुर्खत्वं जपतो नास्ति पातकम्
मौनिनः कलहो नास्ति न भयं चास्ति जाग्रतः

- सुभाषित रत्नभाण्डागार

paThato naasti murkhatvaM japato naasti paatakam
mouninaH kalaho naasti na bhayaM chaasti jaagrataH
- subhaaShita ratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A seeker/learner doesn't have imbecility; a contemplating person won't have sin; a silent observer won't get in a strife; there is no fear for the awakened. (This could also be interpreted as - there is no fear for an alert person.)

Foolishness doesn't come near the learned. Sin doesn't set its foot near an ascetic(one who contemplates). There is no quarrel when one sits silently. Similarly, no kind of fear can dare to lurk near an awakened soul.

Just as there can't be darkness in the presence of light, coldness near the fire, the above qualities cannot claim a spot in the presence of the contradictory good quality.

The simplest way to overcome a negative quality is, just bringing in a quality that is an exact opposite of it. Then the negative quality gets uprooted automatically, with absolutely no extra effort!

pada vigrahaH:
पठतः न अस्ति मुर्खत्वं जपतः न अस्ति पातकम्
paThataH na asti murkhatvaM japataH na asti paatakam

मौनिनः कलहः न अस्ति न भयं च अस्ति जाग्रतः
mouninaH kalahaH na asti na bhayaM cha asti jaagrataH

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