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November 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गुणवज्जनसंसर्गाद् याति नीचोऽपि गौरवम्
पुष्पमालाप्रसङ्गेण सूत्रं शिरसि धार्यते

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

guNavajjanasaMsargaad yaati nIcho.pi gauravam
puShpamaalaaprasa~ngeNa sUtraM shirasi dhaaryate
- subhaaShitasudhaanidhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Due to the company of good people, even an insignificant person attains respectability. On the pretext of the flowers, the thread also gets to be worn on the head.

The flowers get tied into a garland, using a string. That thread, in the form of a garland, will be offered to the Lord. It attains the highest respect of being at His feet or better yet, close to His heart. People would wear it on their heads even. Nobody would ever wear just a string of thread on their hair as an adornment. But it is the company of the flowers, gives the thread that honor.

Similarly, being in the company of the meritorious brings respect and dignity to the insignificant as well.

Keep good company!

pada vigrahaH:
गुणवत् जन संसर्गात् याति नीचः अपि गौरवम्
guNavat jana saMsargaat yaati nIchaH api gauravam

पुष्प माला प्रसङ्गेण सूत्रं शिरसि धार्यते
puShpa maalaa prasa~ngeNa sUtraM shirasi dhaaryate

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