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November 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सत्यं माता पिता ज्ञानं धर्मो भ्राता दया सखः
शान्तिः पत्‍नी क्षमा पुत्रः षडेते मम बान्धवाः

satyaM maataa pitaa jnaanaM dharmo bhraataa dayaa sakhaH
shaantiH patnI kShamaa putraH ShaDete mama baandhavaaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Truth is mother; knowledge is father; moral merit is brother; kindness is friend; peace is wife; forgiveness is son - these six are my relatives.

While in this world, one will have a mother, father, brother/sister, spouse, friend and progeny that they can identify themselves with. But in reality, one's true kin are truth, knowledge, righteousness, kindness, tranquility and forgiveness. These are the virtues and qualities, that one can be with, at all times. So, one should live life like they are his true relatives. One should treat these values with the same love and respect as their kin, or even more. Because these are the attributes that will accompany him even after death.

pada vigrahaH:
सत्यं माता पिता ज्ञानं धर्मः भ्राता दया सखः
satyaM maataa pitaa jnaanaM dharmaH bhraataa dayaa sakhaH

शान्तिः पत्‍नी क्षमा पुत्रः षट् एते मम बान्धवाः
shaantiH patnI kShamaa putraH ShaT ete mama baandhavaaH

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