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November 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
शीलभारवती कन्ता पुष्पभारवती लता |
अर्थभारवती वाणी भजते कामपि श्रियं ||
- रसगङ्गाधर

sheelabhaaravatI kantaa puShpabhaaravatI lataa |
arthabhaaravatI vaaNI bhajate kaamapi shriyaM ||
- rasaga~ngaadhara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A woman brimming with good character, a creeper filled with blooms, speech overflowing with purpose - who else does prosperity turn to!

Prosperity comes automatically where there is value.

A woman with integrity gets respect instantaneously. A creeper filled with blossoms attracts anyone's eye naturally. It doesn't have to do anything to draw one's attention. Similarly, pleasant words and meaningful speech will appease everyone. In a place where these characteristics are present, prosperity will have no means to resist. Prosperity will give itself to such people.

Live purposeful lives to be prosperous!

pada vigrahaH:
शील-भारवती कन्ता पुष्प-भारवती लता |
sheela-bhaaravatI kantaa puShpa-bhaaravatI lataa |

अर्थ-भारवती वाणी भजते काम् अपि श्रियं ||
artha-bhaaravatI vaaNI bhajate kaam api shriyaM ||

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