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November 12th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
धनिकः श्रोत्रियो राजा नदी वैद्यस्तु पञ्चमः
पञ्च यत्र न विद्यन्ते न तत्र दिवसं वसेत्

- हितोपदेश, मित्रलाभ

dhanikaH shrotriyo raajaa nadI vaidyastu pa~nchamaH
pa~ncha yatra na vidyante na tatra divasaM vaset
- hitopadesha, mitralaabha

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Wealthy person, theologian, king, river, doctor being the fifth - (in a land) where these 5 are unavailable, do not live in such a place even for a single day.

Basic essentials!

When civilizations happened, the early settlers would see if the land they have selected is appropriate to build their society, if the basic necessities are satisfied.

Similarly, in a land where we want to call home, there should be
1. Wealthy person - indicates prosperity
2. Theologian - represents the faith and education of the society
3. King (leader, not necessarily the same designation) - depicts order in the society, no anarchy
4. River - shows that the land is cultivatable and hence prosperity achieved
5. Doctor - means in times of illness, care is available instantaneously.

These five promise progress and prosperity to the community. These are the basic essentials! It is also the responsibility and prime duty of these figures, to make sure that the society receives their services in an appropriate manner as well.

pada vigrahaH:
धनिकः श्रोत्रियः राजा नदी वैद्यः तु पञ्चमः
dhanikaH shrotriyaH raajaa nadI vaidyaH tu pa~nchamaH

पञ्च यत्र न विद्यन्ते न तत्र दिवसं वसेत्
pa~ncha yatra na vidyante na tatra divasaM vaset

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