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November 21st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अजायुद्धम् ऋषिश्राद्धं प्रभाते मेघडम्बरम्
दम्पत्योः कलहश्चैव परिणामो न किञ्चन

ajaayuddham RuShishraaddhaM prabhaate meghaDambaram
dampatyoH kalahashchaiva pariNaamo na ki~nchana

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Female goat fight, rituals/ceremonies for ascetics, the roar of clouds early in the morning, the quarrel between a couple - do not bring any results.

Ram fights were common in the olden days. But a fight between two female goats was unheard of. Ascetics are those who have already given up everything and do not have any ties. An elaborate ceremony or rituals after their passing on, doesn't yield anything. Thunderous clouds early in the morning can't last long. They melt away as soon as the first ray of Sun touches them.

Finally, a tiff between a husband and wife is useless. If the couple does not come to a common ground, or if they do not agree to disagree and move on, life won't be pleasant. If not, in the due course, children will be the ones bearing the brunt. On all accounts, a quarrel between a husband and wife is futile...!!

pada vigrahaH:
अजा युद्धम् ऋषि श्राद्धं प्रभाते मेघ डम्बरम्
ajaa yuddham RuShi shraaddhaM prabhaate megha Dambaram

दम्पत्योः कलहः च एव परिणामः न किञ्चन
dampatyoH kalahaH cha eva pariNaamaH na ki~nchana

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