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November 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आशा नाम मनुष्याणां काचिदाश्चर्यशृङ्खला
यया बद्धाः प्रधावन्ति मुक्तास्तिष्ठन्ति पङ्‍गुवत्

aashaa naama manuShyaaNaaM kaachidaashcharya shRu~nkhalaa
yayaa baddhaaH pradhaavanti muktaastiShThanti pa~nguvat

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Desire is the name of a strange binding for man. Those tied keep running, but those free (muktaaH) sit as if limp.

Those tied to desire keep running to achive them. Those devoid of desires sit relaxed.

The irony is that if one is tied, he should be limited to a place - unable to run. But here, those that are tied (to desires) are the ones always running!

Desire is such a strong thing. It can drive one to extremes on the path of achieving them. Caution is - Beware of desires and where they take you.

pada vigrahaH:
आशा नाम मनुष्याणां काचित् आश्चर्य-शृङ्खला
aashaa naama manuShyaaNaaM kaachit aashcharya-shRu~nkhalaa

यया बद्धाः प्रधावन्ति मुक्ताः तिष्ठन्ति पङ्‍गुवत्
yayaa baddhaaH pradhaavanti muktaaH tiShThanti pa~nguvat


  1. काचिदाश्चर्य शृङ्खला=काचिदाश्चर्यशृङ्खला

  2. Thanks. It has been modified.