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November 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पुण्यस्य फलमिच्छन्ति पुण्यं नेच्छन्ति मानवाः
न पापफलमिच्छन्ति पापं कुर्वन्ति यत्नतः

- महाभारत

puNyasya phalamichChanti puNyaM nechChanti maanavaaH
na paapaphalamichChanti paapaM kurvanti yatnataH
- mahaabhaarata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Beings like the fruit of virtuous deeds, but not the virtuous deeds. They do not like the fruit of sinful actions but do such deeds with effort.

People like to enjoy the fruit of meritorious deeds. But the problem is, they do not want to be meritorious and perform deeds with a pure heart.

Also, they do not want to be punished for their sinful actions but engage in such actions as if with extra effort.

This doesn't balance on His scale. A righteous deed gets a righteous reward and a vicious deed brings a vain return.

As you sow, so shall you reap!

pada vigrahaH:
पुण्यस्य फलम् इच्छन्ति पुण्यं न इच्छन्ति मानवाः
puNyasya phalam ichChanti puNyaM na ichChanti maanavaaH

न पाप फलम् इच्छन्ति पापं कुर्वन्ति यत्नतः
na paapa phalam ichChanti paapaM kurvanti yatnataH

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