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November 17th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
वागाडम्बरवान् लोके न किञ्चित्कर्तुमर्हति
गर्जद्‍घना न वर्षन्ति न गर्जन्ति घनाघनाः

vaagaaDambaravaan loke na ki~nchitkartumarhati
garjadghanaa na varShanti na garjanti ghanaaghanaaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
People who talk only don't achieve much. Thundering clouds do not shower, dense showering clouds don't thunder!

Only speech doesn't accomplish much. Just as the clouds that thunder don't shower, people that only talk don't get much done. The dense dark clouds that quench the thirst of the earth, do not make noise (thunder). They silently do their job - showering their cool waters on mother earth. They do not expect an applause from the world for their deeds either. They do their job and in the due course, lose themselves. Once they shower their waters, they even cease to exist! They sacrifice themselves completely for the benefit of the world. Yet, they do their deeds without much ado!

Such should be our deeds as well. No point blowing our own trumpets regarding our achievements.

The deeds speak for themselves and the doer himself is composed!

pada vigrahaH:
वाक् आडम्बरवान् लोके न किञ्चित् कर्तुम् अर्हति
vaak aaDambaravaan loke na ki~nchit kartum arhati

गर्जत् घनाः न वर्षन्ति न गर्जन्ति घनाघनाः
garjat ghanaaH na varShanti na garjanti ghanaaghanaaH

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