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November 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दानं भोगो नाशस्तिस्रो गतयो भवन्ति वित्तस्य
यो न ददाति न भुङ्क्ते तस्य तृतीया गतिर्भवति

- पञ्चतन्त्र, मित्रसम्प्राप्ति

daanaM bhogo naashastisro gatayo bhavanti vittasya
yo na dadaati na bhu~nkte tasya tRuteeyaa gatirbhavati
- pa~nchatantra, mitrasampraapti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Charity, indulgence and destruction are the 3 alternatives to wealth. One which is not given in charity or used for self-enjoyment, that (wealth) will attain the 3rd state.

One's wealth and possessions are the most temporary of all. Wealth can attain 3 different states -
1. Wealth can be put to use for charitable purposes, in giving, for the benefit of others.
2. Could be used in self-indulgence, to entertain and please oneself.
3. Will attain destruction (theft, fire or other kinds of natural calamities) or fall into wrong hands.

That which doesn't achieve the 1st or 2nd state will automatically attain the third.

Wealth or resources, shouldn't be limited to pool in a person's locker, instead of being put to use. This is a message to the stingy, that accumulating wealth is not worthwhile. Even if one succeeds in keeping all his acquisitions intact till his last breath, they won't pass on with him to the netherworld. After that, there is no guarantee whether his wealth will be put to good use or fall into wrong hands. What is the use of such wealth, which he neither enjoyed nor used for making someone happy...

pada vigrahaH:
दानं भोगः नाशः तिस्रः गतयः भवन्ति वित्तस्य
daanaM bhogaH naashaH tisraH gatayaH bhavanti vittasya

यः न ददाति न भुङ्क्ते तस्य तृतीया गतिः भवति
yaH na dadaati na bhu~nkte tasya tRuteeyaa gatiH bhavati

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