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November 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अजरामरवत् प्राज्ञः विद्यामर्थं च साधयेत्
गृहीत इव केशेषु मृत्युना धर्ममाचरेत्
- समयोचितपद्यमालिका

ajaraamaravat praaj~naH vidyaamarthaM cha saadhayet
gRuhIta iva kesheShu mRutyunaa dharmamaacharet
- samayochitapadyamaalikaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Intellectual people further their education as well as purpose, till old age and death. They tread (on the path) of dharma as if death were holding them by the hair.

It is widely accepted that one should perform virtuous deeds before passing on from this life. But procrastinating those deeds for old age is not a option for the learned. They continue to perform meritorious deeds, as if, death were already holding them by their hair and will snatch them away any instant. Only then, can one perform dharma through out their life.

There is no ending for learning. One life time is just not sufficient for all the learning that can be done. Realizing that, wise people further their pursuit of vidyaa (knowledge) and purpose of life (artham) till their last breath. 'Artham' here, is not necessarily wealth. Artham could be the desire, sense, meaning and purpose of the essence of life.

pada vigrahaH:
अजर अमरवत् प्राज्ञः विद्याम् अर्थं च साधयेत्
ajara amaravat praaj~naH vidyaam arthaM cha saadhayet

गृहीत इव केशेषु मृत्युना धर्मम् आचरेत्
gRuhIta iva kesheShu mRutyunaa dharmam aacharet

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