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November 11th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
हंसः श्वेतो बकः श्वेतः को भेदो बकहंसयोः
नीरक्षीरविवेके तु हंसो हंसः बको बकः

haMsaH shvetao bakaH shvetaH ko bhedo bakahaMsayoH
nIrakShIraviveke tu haMso haMsaH bako bakaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A swan is white, a stork is white. What's the difference between the swan and the stork? When it comes to the knowledge of water and milk, a swan is a swan and a stork is a stork.

Allegory says that a swan has the capability of separating milk from water. If a bowl of milk and water is offered, it is supposed to have the ability to take only the milk particles and leave behind, the water! The stork obviously doesn't possess this skill. He might look like a swan, be with a swan, fly, walk or act like a swan. But it doesn't make him a swan.

The metaphor of the swan and stork is given to people. They have to be who they are. It doesn't do much good if they talk, walk or pretend like someone else...

External appearances don't make the difference, what's inside is all that matters!

pada vigrahaH:
हंसः श्वेतः बकः श्वेतः कः भेदः बक हंसयोः
haMsaH shvetaH bakaH shvetaH kaH bhedaH baka haMsayoH

नीर क्षीर विवेके तु हंसः हंसः बकः बकः
nIra kShIra viveke tu haMsaH haMsaH bakaH bakaH

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